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The Spurs, And The Playoffs, Are All About The Flop

If you needed concrete proof why many NBA fans have been dreading seeing the Spurs in the NBA Finals, last night's win over the Jazz provided it. It was a succession of flops, plods, slaps, free throws and Manu Ginobili. We know some just call this winning basketball; we think it's sucking all the life out of a once-fascinating postseason.

How bad is it? Even the Jazz fans are getting violent.

Jazz fans — seeing their team lose at home for the first time in eight games this postseason — showed their disgust by hurling things toward the court, appearing to hit San Antonio's Bruce Bowen with something small. "They threw Carmex at me," Bowen said. "I like Carmex, but not getting it thrown at me."


For some reason, we have a hard time imagining Bruce Bowen loving Carmex. Regardless, the heroics of our man Deron Williams — who no one will ever place below Chris Paul again, not after this series — have been for naught, because Manu Ginobili has truly perfected the new art of the NBA flop. Something to be proud of.

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