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Let's take some time to think about George Steinbrenner as a sexual being. One who, at 16, was filled with "Pools and Puddles of Purple Passion."
Everyone grossed out? Good. So are the Steinbrenners.

Mary Jane Schriner attempted to publish a book about her romance with a teenaged Steinbrenner but was blocked by the Yankees and the Steinbrenner family. Her son is upset that the Steinbrenners have blocked the book, saying that people don't want to piss off the family. Ms. Schriner isn't all that broken up about it, going to far as to undercut herself:

Maybe it's hurtful to hear that someone else had a relationship with him. But I was 16. There's nothing in those letters to upset her. They're sort of boring.


I refuse to believe that a young, dumb, and full of cum Steinbrenner would write boring letters. I fully intend to track them down to see if he hired private detectives to mess with his romantic rivals.

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Steinbrenner Family Bars Little Old Lady From Cashing In On Early Love Letters [Business Insider]



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