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The Story Of A Guy And A Girl Who Broke Into Old Yankee Stadium One Sunny Day In May

Inspired by the story of the two men who detailed all the fun they had while trapped in Camden Yards, Nick Davis sent in his story about the day he and a female cohort busted into the Old Yankee Stadium in what he calls one of the best days of his life.

In May 2009, I went to a Sunday day game at the new Yankee Stadium and fueled by plenty of Coors Light, I made it my personal mission to break into the old stadium and enjoy a cold beer on the same cement as some the greatest ballplayers in history. Somehow I managed to remove an 8x4 nailed sheet of plywood and then found myself at a southside ticket stand of which I promptly passed through with no breaking-and-entering skills at all. After passing through a few long dark corridors I found myself in the hallowed tomb, the Yankee locker room. It was obviously in a state of disrepair, but the "26 World Championships" mural was still intact. The lockers were all torn out and non functioning toilets were all filled with waste. I promptly exited as I had a good female friend with me at the time. We made it down the hallway and out to the dugout and proceeded to slam Silver Bullets and live the good life. We lasted a good 45 minutes before found and promptly asked to leave. No harm no foul.


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