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The Super Bowl Was A Proud Week For The Series Of Tubes

Sports By Brooks pointed this out earlier, but it bears repeating: This might have been the first Super Bowl with any interesting news almost entirely reported by blog. And it's not a matter of "indie" bloggers coming in to take the piss out of everybody either.

As SBB mentions, Chris Mottram of The Sporting Blog, Mark Mosely of ESPN's Hashmarks, Michael David Smith of Fanhouse, MJD over at Yahoo and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog changed the way the game was covered in the last week. In the biggest media event on the sports calendar, nearly every paper in the country was outdated the second it hit newstands. It was impressive to watch; even with nothing — AT ALL — going on, these guys had everybody covered in every direction. It was a fun thing for us to witness while we were writing TSN columns, scribbling Times tracts and, of course, watching the Berman video over and over.


Imagine if they could focus all those energies into something, you know, interesting. Would be something to watch.

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