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The Texas A&M Regent Who Called For Kevin Sumlin's Firing Spent $600K On A Bigass Tank

Image via Fox
Image via Fox

Remember Tony Buzbee, the lawyer on the Texas A&M Board of Regents who recently called for Kevin Sumlin to be fired? He just blew a “little over $600,000" on an M4 Sherman tank that was used during World War II.


Buzbee said he was motivated to buy the tank and display it outside of his McMansion because he served in the military and his grandfather fought in World War II. His other reason for spending a shitload of money on an old tank (“It’s fuckin’ cool as shit”) is also pretty convincing. Buzbee clarified that, yeah, the tank still blows shit up and he plans to blow shit up as soon as possible.

Buzbee—cigar in hand, suit jacket collar opened up—strikes a completely stereotypical figure as a Texas Rich Guy, and he doesn’t seem to mind that some people might take offense to a cool-ass tank just sort of sitting on the street.

FOX : What are your neighbors going to say, all these rich-ass people?

Buzbee: I’m sure they appreciate history just like you and I do.

For a showman with disposable tank money, calling for Sumlin to be fired via Facebook is downright tame. Maybe he can call for Sumlin’s firing next week by hiring a dozen skywriters or something.


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