Game Six featured eleven innings, five official errors, numerous others in judgment, and what will not be Albert Pujols' final plate appearance in a Cardinals uniform—a tenth-inning intentional walk—but it was an official game and then some, one the Texas Rangers did not win.

The Cardinals owe their stay of execution to David Freese, whose 9th-inning triple with two outs and two strikes forced extras, and whose 11th-inning walkoff homer ensured the first World Series game seven since 2002. Lance Berkman also fought off a two-strike, two-out 10th-inning guillotine by delivering an RBI single. That, of course, was forced by man-of-many comebacks Josh Hamilton, who gave the Rangers a 9-7 lead in the top of the 10th.

We'll be talking all about this game Friday, but for now, enjoy the majesty that is David Freese.