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The Tennessee Titans are turning 10 years old this year, which means we have been dealing with that ridiculous logo for a decade now. Old, old, old, all of us.

The above logo will be sewn on all Titans uniforms this year, and it's somehow worse than the original Thumbtack design. Texas Chick on AOL Fanhouse points us to this angry column from the Houston Chronicle from 10 years ago, making fun of the name, logo, all of it.


Of course, the team itself has been in Tennessee for 12 years, and they went by the "Tennessee Oilers" name for the first two years. We had forgotten about this; it's not as bad as the Utah Jazz, but it had entirely slipped our mind.

One of those Tennessee Oilers, by the way: Ron Powlus!

Tennessee Titans Celebrate 10 Years Of A Bad Name And Logo [The Fanhouse]

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