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The Tigers Are Scaring The Pants Off Everybody

We'll confess: We're pretty much terrified of Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya. He's big, he's scary, he's got flaming red eyes and he throws about a million miles an hour. Actually, he can hit 103 miles per hour, which, when read by that FOX broadcast flame-for-pitches-over-95-mph thing, actually turns your entire television blue.

He hits 103 at least once last night in the Tigers' ALCS opening 5-1 win over the A's, and, like the rest of the game, the whole thing was past us before we knew it was coming. The Tigers took home-field advantage away from them A's before anyone realized what was happening, and, oh, now they get to send out Verlander and Bonderman. Is there any reason they shouldn't be favored to win tonight?


Yes, yes, we know, it probably sounds like we're jinxing them. But that team last night, that looked like the White Sox when they took off on their run last year. Like no one on the planet is going to stop them.

Or maybe we're just scared of Zumaya.

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