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The Tigers Needed A Moment To Spray Champagne In Tom Verducci's Face Before Talking To Him

Your morning roundup for Oct. 7, the day we discovered the toilet bike. Video via Gunaxin. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: To live in New York when the Yankees are eliminated from the postseason is to be reminded of the profound sense of entitlement on the part of the fans here. They'll moan and be critical and overreact when disappointed, just like anywhere else, but above all there is this strange sense of disbelief that it's all over and it didn't end with a parade down Broadway.

Those of us who prefer other teams know not to take playoff opportunities—any playoff opportunities—for granted. They arrive with a wave of enthusiasm, and once they're gone, there's often no telling whether they'll return. But it's different here, and I suppose 27 championships will do that for a fan base, even if they've only experienced one of those titles in the last 10 seasons.

Wait. Make that 11.


Overwrought media narrative built around possible small-sample-size aberration: "But the Yankees are paying him and—for now anyway—Sabathia to be stars; to carry a team through tough times, like they did in the 2009 postseason; carried them all the way to the Canyon of Heroes; helped meet the organizational mandate. This year—failed by their stars—the best the Yankees could do was not be the Red Sox. Thus, Rodriguez had the proper coda for the 2011 Yankees season: 'A major failure.'" [New York Post]


Overwrought media narrative built around possible small-sample-size aberration, No. 2: "That is what you have to say and all you can say when it is 3-2 for the Tigers in Game 5, 3-2 for the Tigers in the division series, when the Tigers come into the most famous - and of course most expensive - ballpark in this world and win a game like this from the Yankees. When they make a 3-2 lead stand up through the late innings, through the last outs that once were the toughest in this world to get at the old Yankee Stadium. With the old Yankees. Not anymore." [New York Daily News]

Your Breakdancing Battle Interlude:

Who is the squirrel's agent?: "‘I may make it to Philly,' the squirrel tweeted. But given the famously querulous nature of Philadelphia fans, it added, ‘Am going to stay out of sight for my own safety.'" [New York Times]


Blind man drives at Charlotte Motor Speedway: "While Presnell only got his Camaro up to 20-25 MPH with Wallace in the passenger seat telling him when to turn, he later got to experience the thrill of driving full speed around CMS, riding shotgun around Charlotte Motor Speedway while Wallace drove." [From The Marbles]

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