A reader alerted us to this story, which was written by former Nebraska quarterback and Heisman winner Eric Crouch for HuddlePass.com, a website featuring various first-person accounts from former college football stars about their playing days. Crouch's story is a pretty standard one about Week 1 jitters, until it gets to this paragraph:

When our offense got the ball, I remember trying to call the first play, but my mouth was so dry that my tongue would not work. I mumbled, asking Dave Volk, our left tackle, to spit in my mouth. Super disgusting, I know, looking back on it but you have to understand that, at the time, it was all about calling the play. Nebraska Football was bigger than me.

Grrrooosssss. I'm very curious about how exactly that whole exchange went down. Was Volk so good at hocking loogies that he was able to send one sailing between both he and Crouch's face masks? Or did Crouch and Volk have to take their helmets off to complete the task, thus horrifying every single person in the stadium.

If you've got video of this happening, or remember seeing it for yourself, do let us know.


h/t Brandon