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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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I'm bagging out early today to head down to Citizens Bank Park with my father (whom some of you in the Philly area may know as sports radio 610 WIP's senior intern "Big Al") to stand in Ashburn Alley and watch Cole Hamels face Yovani Gallardo (The Big Retardo) in the opening game of the NLDS. There's a lot of optimism about the Phillies this year since they come into this series with "playoff experience" , a better bullpen, and deeper lineup. But anybody who watched the Rockies completely throttle them in three quick games last year knows that the only person who really benefited from the Phillies playoff experience was Kaz Matsui. (He should send Kyle Lohse a thank you card for his Astros contract.) This year...could be different. This is still Philadelphia. But God knows that if this team squeezes out a win today,the greasy swine of the 215 will rejoice like they just won the World Series. I promise I'll try to contain myself. For your sake. Enjoy the rest of the day. Phillies vs. Brewers: Key Match-Ups []


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