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The Time JaVale McGee Had The Perfect Comeback For A Hater

I'll be honest, the NBA season kind of snuck up on me this year—I mean, would it be so wrong for basketball to just chill for a minute until the World Series is over?—but I officially got excited for the season while reading Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson's AMA on Reddit yesterday, because he reminded me that JaVale McGee is about to be back in my life.

A bunch of Redditors wanted Lawson to talk about the funniest thing he's ever seen McGee do, and Lawson shared this story:

lol the funniest thing i heard him say was when a fan yelled out " thats the guy on shaqtin a fool" and javale immediately turned and said "yeah but I'm shaqtin this cash ....


The best comebacks are the ones that come quickly, are plainly nonsensical, but are still somehow biting. I bet that fan felt so stupid.


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