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Chris Froome today won the eighth stage of the Tour de France, becoming only the sixth Briton to wear the yellow jersey in the century-old race, joining last year's winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins. (So what if Froome was born in Kenya and lives in South Africa and Monaco — he's got the passport, so naturally the Daily Mail claims him.) There's probably a picture of him somewhere online today, and which you are perfectly capable of finding in short order, considering how smart you are and how frictionlessly the Internet provides the things you want (no 122-mile mountain stage, that Google search bar). For now let's consider the friendly encouragement these pasty, jolly locals are offering to Nairo Alexander Quintana, of Colombia, who is otherwise engaged in the exalted physiological hell of racing through the Pyrenees on a bicycle. The contrast between Quintana and ol' Asspat McWhiteframes on the right is particularly cosmic. Got two distinct life paths intersecting right there, and both seem to have made the most outta their decisions.

Froome conquers the mountains at stage eight to become only the sixth Briton to wear the Tour de France yellow jersey [Daily Mail]

Photo credit: AP


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