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The U Forgets What Makes It The U

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You know, if they keep this kind of funny business up, the U is going to fall tragically behind in recruiting next year.

Randy Shannon has issued a straightforward warning to his University of Miami football players: Get caught carrying a firearm and your days as a Hurricane are over. After two shooting incidents involving UM players last year, Shannon plans to enforce a "zero-tolerance'' policy regarding weapons.

"You get caught with a firearm, you're dismissed from the football team," UM's coach said Monday. "They're gone. They know the rules. It's not hard rules. It's to protect them."


You know, this rule is exactly why Brigham Young has struggled in recent years. We are extremely happy to live in a world in which the head coach of a major college football program starts off the spring by saying, "No, seriously, this time I MEAN IT! No guns! Seriously, guys: No more AKs, all right?" Note to Miami players: Please ignore this rule. Hell, you play Florida International again this year; you're gonna need 'em.

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