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The UCLA Undie Run Will Never Die

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It's always somewhat hilarious when school administrators get involved in wacky college traditions. At UCLA they're regulating the hell out of the Undie Run, the quarterly event to commemorate the Wednesday of Finals Week. Hey, that's tonight! Noticing that students seemed to be imbibing alcohol and generally behaving badly during the late-night scamper, the university has re-routed the event, and has warned participants to behave.


What? Behave at the Undie Run? Then what's the point of going to college? UCLA students have chafed at the interference; occasionally staging an Undie Ride, with presumably more rebel undie events in store. But that diodn't stop school administrators from changing tonight's route.

Students will run east on Strathmore Drive and turn north on Westwood Plaza, headed toward Bruin Plaza. However, instead of then charging up Bruin Walk toward Powell Library, students will be directed west to the Intramural Field. “We chose the IM field because it’s a large, contained, well-lit space,” said Birks, who along with Roth held several meetings with Director of Police Community Services Nancy Greenstein and Robert Naples, associate vice chancellor and dean of students.


"Oh no, we can't go with you Bluto, it's too dangerous! Well you can just kiss my ass from now on! Birks? Dead! Roth? dead! Niedermeyer? ...

Fun Undie Run photo gallery here, courtesy of LAist.

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