It was a shame I didn't link to the this Manny farewell column today by Boston Herald writer Gerry Callahan, who gave Manny Ramirez the swift Boston dropkick out of New England that was a little over the top in its good riddance-ness. Callahan destroys Ramirez's character with such viciousness that it's surprising he didn't just haul off and accuse Manny of snubbing cancer-ridden kids. Oh wait. He did do that.

Manny wasn't the only big story that happened this week. Here's a few more

• Les Miles: Snoopin'

• Gourmet Spud: Canadian

• Cheerleaders: Sluttin'


• Beijing Bureau: Beijingin'

• Belichick: Humping


• Andrews: Flirtin' and Vampin'

• Nadel: Spinnin'


• Manny: Gone

Please don't fear the presence of new weekend overlord, "KOGOD" and welcome the blog stylings of Marcel Mutoni into the fold. New blood. Plus, we have Matt Sussman sprinkling his live blog pixie dust all over your Sunday night during pre-season NFL tomfoolery that is the NFL Hall of Fame game.


Have a great weekend, more new stuff next week.

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