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Tipping today at noon: 1 game.
Tipping today between 2:15 and 2:40: 4 games.
Tipping today between 4:45 and 5:00: 3 games.

Why? Why would this happen? Why wouldn't CBS distribute them a little more evenly, so we can all see as much competitive basketball as possible? If three of the 2:00 games are tight, you miss two of them. And if Brad/Pitt sucks, you've got no other options. I don't understand.

Bradley vs. Pitt, however, thus far does not suck. Bradley jumped out to a big lead, but Pitt bounced back when Carl Krauser went to the bench, as they often do. Bradley leads 30-29 at the half, and they've actually been killing Pitt inside.

It's now halftime, where I'm forced to watch Clark Kellog and Seth Davis, and not another game.