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The United Football League Is What We Thought It Was!

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Denny Green and Jim Fassel are back coaching pro football, and there may be a spot for Michael Vick as well. Welcome to the wonderful world of the UFL!


Offcials of the new league held a press conference in San Francisco this morning and announced, among other things, the four head coaches for its inaugural season: Green will coach the San Francisco franchise, Ted Cottrell will coach the New York franchise, Jim Fassel is at Las Vegas, and Jim Haslett is at Orlando. According to its web site, the UFL was designed for "the enjoyment of fans in major markets where professional football is not played."

Which is why there's a San Francisco franchise? Hey!

The new league, which debuts in October, is also not above throwing around Vick's name. From Newsday:

I asked commissioner Michael Huyghue about Vick, and he said that the league would be open to signing him. The three requirements: 1. Vick would have to complete his sentence on charges of running an illegal dog-fighting operations (he is due to complete his sentence in late July). 2. He'd have to be released by the Falcons, who still own his contractual rights. 3. The UFL would have to get positive feedback from the fans about Vick's inclusion in the league.


Also, games will be played in Los Angeles and Hartford, even though those cities will not have franchises. Actually no one officially has a franchise: The players will all train in Casa Grande, Arizona, and travel to the different cities for games over the six-week season, which ends on Thanksgiving.

I notice that the league's big investor is Paul Pelsoi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He actually heads a group that owns all four franchises. Fun fact: He was Paul Tagliabue's roommate at Georgetown.

Far be it from me to question the wisdom of starting a new professional football league to compete against the NFL during a recession. I'm just looking forward to seeing Vick negotiate the right-field corner in AT&T Park.

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