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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled The United States Does Not Have An Official Language, No Matter What The MLB Network Tells You

The establishment of an official language has long been a political flashpoint. Though it was once a favored cause for Presidents of generally good repute, it's now mostly a topic invoked to effortlessly rile up nativists and a touchstone for people hell-bent on alienating furr-uh-nurrs. Ordinances have been passed and repealed, protests held, thinly veined racism crudely painted on to signs—it's one of those deeply American issues that enters the public debate every once in a while, reveals the worst us, and thankfully recedes.


Fortunately, the MLB Network graphics department fixed all that last night. Memo to other countries—speak English when you come to Phoenix and soundly beat us at our national pastime.

h/t Dave

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