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The United States-Spain Aftermath: Fun With Google Translations

"Suddenly, the fluid Xavi football, friendships imaginative patent associations disappeared. United States, with its two lines that tightened the nuts of a submarine, had sprayed the tiqui-taca."

Tested the brains of Spain with the corner kick, and despite its sweet intent of the centers, not the thing came out. Picó smart ball over the heads Yanquis (m. 21) and the goal was announced in limbo for over a misuse of Riera. Xavi proposed from a strewn with obstacles, but who arranged Altidore. His goal (m. 27) cracked the water line in Spain. The team is currently in the pinned Xavi, which claimed more weight in the party. Of his left foot twice, neither Torres or Villa advantage.

Xavi became entangled in the web,

For its part, in 'The New York Post' the news of the victory the U.S. shares the stage with devaneos lovers Lindsay Lohan.

The 'soccer' comes into the U.S. headlines, El Mundo

MADRID .- Spain Everything is gone in Bloemfontein, 'fountain of flowers' in Dutch, the largest source of displeasure that recalls the European Champion, powerless in the most unexpected moment, a star on the wall of a perfect selection in U.S. defense, large style. Yes, Spain bitten the dust after 35 games invicta (2-0) and must conform to share their record with Brazil.

Nobody, not even the most ashen could predict a similar outcome, with a rival ranked carambola, which had only signs of life in Egypt before the last day. But is that the Americans signed the most of its history, with self-assurance of the elect. Bossy and poise to the top then the firm innkeepers in their area and a little luck of addition.

United States overthrew the legend of Spain, El Mundo

Once again, football was not clear that anyone who respects their codes, which strictly does not meet its unwritten rules, it pays. Spaniards may complain of bad luck from the referee, a lawn in poor condition and even the icy cold, but no excuses worth. Although Iniesta is missing and the team came to South Africa to the limit, you can never lose a shock like that. Del Bosque, flawless so far, will begin to be questioned. The shadow Luis Aragones, the memory of the Championship, are now more present than ever.

Surprise given the United States and Spain to APEA of Confederations Cup,


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