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The Video Game Version Of What You'd Look Like Playing Hockey

This is Shawn Chambers, who played 23 years in the NHL and won two Stanley Cups. He also has a more modern, odder distinction: He's the worst video game athlete in history.

Back in 1993, Sega put out NHL '93. In this early age of video games, they hadn't quite nailed down player rating systems, so Chambers had a player rating of 1. Out of a possible 100. IGN talks to him about the experience.

Chambers heard about the rating shortly after it came out. "I didn't know it was the lowest rating ever, but I figured, hey, I only played in two games the year before...but at least I made it in!", he said. "I figured they would've looked back at my career with the North Stars, and seen, you know, that I wasn't a superstar, but maybe they didn't notice that when they did the ratings."

Within the game itself, Chambers is pretty much unplayable as far as characters go. He skates on the ice like the surgeon left his scalpel inside Chambers' knee; anytime anyone comes into contact with him, he falls. His checking is pretty much nonexistent, and in the process of taking these screenshots, Jeremy Roenick scored approximately 24 goals by going past him. It took eight periods and some skilled NHL '93 play to even get him a goal.


"Anytime anyone comes into contact with him, he falls." That's beyond hilarious; we absolutely want to play this game, right now.

The Worst Player In Video Game History]

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