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The Week In Photos

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We find all kinds of goofy photos around this here Interweb. Here s some highlights from our favorites.

• Nothing to do on a rainy afternoon? Why not attempt to identify all of West Virginia senior center Kevin Pittsnogle's many tattoos? Fun for the entire family. Here's a different angle. Is that one a moose? The symbol for magnesium? Hmmm. And just so you know, Kevin is majoring in coaching education.


• This may represent every childhood nightmare we've ever had. It's the San Antonio Spurs' mascot, in case you're wondering. Sweet Jesus, make the images go away!. [CNN/]

• We don't know where the ball is here — perhaps there are several in play — or really the point to such a gigantic Foosball table. We have, however, written a caption: "Oh no, my glass eye! Hey, my eye! Come on you guys, stop for a minute! Hey down there! It's my eye!" Be advised that the Valley-Tornado International Championships of Table Soccer (a.k.a. "foosball") will commence March 22-26, 2006 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Oh, one other thing we're pretty sure of — the U.S. team will lose to Canada.

• They say that it's CBS SportsLine's Scott Miller (scroll halfway down page, see middle column). But truly, if that ain't really Christopher Knight as Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch, we're cancelling Nick at Nite.

We knew he was a Nets fan. And how much do you want to bet that A.J. is outside scalping tickets? [CNN/]


• Ironic, we suppose, that quite likely this will be the image of Barry Bonds everyone will remember most. [CNN/]

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