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The Week That Twitter Wrecked Everyone

When the collar is normal and you are honestly sick of hearing about it.
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During this week, which is only about half over, some extremely overstated acts of Twitter-based idiocy have already led to the cancellation of ABC’s hit reboot of Roseanne, thanks to the latest extremely racist flare-up of star Roseanne Barr’s longstanding and apparently incurable case of Internet Brain. Some stranger and altogether more interesting acts of web dementia may yet lead to the cashiering of Philadelphia 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo, whose case is notably more complicated. We’re all still surfing the aftershocks of Ben Detrick’s story at The Ringer, which reported that Colangelo either did or did not create five distinct burner accounts on Twitter which were then used to shit-talk his team’s stars, grouse about media coverage to various Philadelphia media figures, and generally do a lot of extremely ill-considered swinging-dick posturing. Colangelo is currently claiming someone is out to get him, and some reasonable-seeming supposition that emerged after we recorded the podcast suggests that some of the accounts may have been the work of Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini.

Much about this whole dumb thing is surely still yet to be revealed, and while it would be foolish to guess at what any of it might be, it is safe to say that none of it would have been possible without online—what it makes possible, what it does to the brains of the people on it, and how reachable it makes everything. So hell yeah, obviously Drew and I, as walking casualties of online ourselves, talked about all that ridiculous shit this week.

That wasn’t all, of course. We offer some extremely half-assed predictions on the upcoming NBA Finals, ponder the mysteries of the supremely hilarious wedge salad and the broader implausibilities of other steakhouse sides, and somehow wrap it all up with like 10 straight minutes of Trump Poop Talk. We live in a miracle. Do not forget it.


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