Bryan Colangelo’s Wife Could Be The Person Behind Woodergate

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When Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo defended himself against Tuesday’s report from The Ringer that linked him to some aggressive anonymous Twitter accounts, he told a reporter, “Someone’s out to get me.” But as Colangelo continues to deny any connection to the accounts, new findings in the Woodergate case give credence to the theory that says the “someone” out to get him could be (dun dun dun) ... his wife!

Twitter account Did the Sixers win? uncovered the key clue. It, at the very least, doesn’t rule out that Barbara Bottini, Colangelo’s wife, has the phone number connected with three of the five burners:


This post from the Upper Canada College website, where she headed up the Parents’ Organization, confirms that Bottini has both the email address in the screenshot and a phone number ending in 91. An attempt to call the number listed went to a voicemail that didn’t confirm the identity of the phone’s owner. Deadspin also has reached out to Sixers PR for comment and will update if they respond.

Amazingly, if Bottini did in fact run the accounts, Colangelo’s not even the most prominent sports executive to get anonymously and vigorously defended online by their spouse. Jane Skinner Goodell got caught quibbling with reporters from a burner account while defending the honor of her husband, Roger, last year.