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The Winter Of A-Rod Continues: He's Dating A Wrestler/Playboy Model/Muscly Blonde

We always suspected Rodriguez's "blood-spinning treatment" was just a metaphor for nailing another toned blonde off the A-Rod girlfriend assembly line. (Hair color can be artificial, and come to think of it, so can the muscles.) Rodriguez has been out and about with Torrie Wilson, a grande dame of pro wrestling's diva era. We wish them all the best in their totally normal, completely private, absolutely not-fucked-up human relationship.

This one finally hit the news after a Boise, Idaho, news anchor saw Rodriguez and Wilson working out at a local gym. Rodriguez told Mike Murad that he didn't want to pose for a photo and that he was trying to keep a low profile: Murad snapped a photo of Rodriguez and posted it to Twitter, then ran to the newspaper to tell them what he saw.


Wilson is probably the most successful non-dead WCW refugee to join the WWE, and was in a long-term relationship with wrestler Billy Kidman. They divorced in 2008, the same year Rodriguez cast off the shackles of his own marriage to go play/plow the field.

We feel kind of bad for Rodriguez, who can't date like a normal person without the paparazzi all up in his business. (Perhaps it'd be better if he dated someone who isn't famous, or even just a brunette.) But we don't feel that bad: Rodriguez and Wilson are reported spending the week in Cabo San Lucas with Wilson's wrestling buddy Stacy Keibler and her boyfriend George Clooney.

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