James Coley is Florida State's tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator, not to mention a prolific Twitterer whose prose style evokes both Cobra Commander and a fortune cookie that wants to kill you. Can u FEEL it?

Here's a sampling, grouped thematically:


about 18 hours ago from web

7:19 AM Aug 4th from mobile web

carry a big SPEAR and take names - its 2009 SEMINOLES, take what U want to HAVE
4:38 PM Aug 16th from mobile web

FEAR THE SPEAR!!!! Squad Up!!!!!!
1:35 PM Jul 31st from web

9:37 AM Jul 26th from web

FEAR...6:54 PM Jul 12th from web

THE...6:55 PM Jul 12th from web

SPEAR...6:55 PM Jul 12th from web


Stay with me for the next few DAYS - Lots of RIDDLES, lots of lyrics, TONS of cuban coffee, and oh yeah look out for CAPS lock!
3:42 PM Jul 21st from web

My mindset? im putting every chance to get better in a headlock... UNCONQUERED, U should already know...
4:44 AM Jul 31st from mobile web

I'm sending the WOLF...
6:38 PM Jul 20th from web

STILL grinding!!!!
8:25 PM Jul 14th from web

Checkin' my FRESH... Check checkin my FRESH check checking my FRESH
12:11 PM Jun 29th from mobile web

WE R the REAL in this business, OUR commitments will be REAL players that tackle their day to day lives with a SCALP or B SCALPED mentality
5:33 PM Jun 7th from web



who the CAP fit... Let them wear IT...
4:23 PM Aug 2nd from mobile web

Forget answering the BELL, I'm ringing it - DING DING!
3:57 PM Jul 2nd from web

You're either carrying a SPEAR or running from it...
8:29 PM Aug 1st from web


5:06 AM Aug 5th from web

RISE......... RISE..........
6:42 AM Jul 31st from mobile web

Let the story begin... begin
5:27 AM Jul 27th from web

6:55 PM Jul 12th from web

3:53 PM Jul 26th from web


what you've hoped you've earned is not there, all you have is the taste of our name in your mouth...
6:03 AM Jul 26th from web

Look over here, your worst nightmare's coming true, we are FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY!
6:08 AM Jul 26th from web

Get READY SEMINOLES its our world and we're are beginning TO RECLAIM it. To those out there don't be afraid... be Petrified.
8:30 PM Jul 29th from web

Your fears are coming true, what you think you should have your not getting...
6:02 AM Jul 26th from web


1835 when was asked to sign a treaty forcing the Seminoles to leave their homeland for a territory out west. Osceola refused.
3:52 PM Jul 26th from web

He the plunged his knife through the paper treaty and 7 years of war followed
3:53 PM Jul 26th from web

In 1967 Ernie Terrell refused to call Muhammad Ali by his name - He insisted on calling him Cassius Clay - During their bout Ali BARKED at
7:34 AM Jul 4th from web

Terrell "What's my NAME!" with every blow he landed... Ali brutally BEAT him for 15 rounds... The Ultimate DISRESPECT is to not address an
7:37 AM Jul 4th from web

an INDIVIDUAL by their name... "WHAT'S MY NAME!" by The TEAM out WEST
7:38 AM Jul 4th from web



can u FEEL it?
6:28 PM Jul 13th from mobile web

Do you hear that? That's the sound of inevitability!
10:01 AM Jul 26th from web


Shhhhh... I heard U were looking for me?
9:14 PM Jul 8th from web

huhhhhhhh....... i heard their lookin' for me!
2:51 PM Jul 10th from mobile web

I bet their talking about ME right now - 2 words u'll never here, "James Quit"
10:42 AM Jul 10th from mobile web



Took a shot of Cuban Coffee, took a deep breath and stepped out into the DAY... I'm READY to b the CHANGE I want to SEE...R U?
6:53 AM Jul 2nd from web

BTW everyone needs some Cuban Coffee in their lives, dont b SCARED!!!
4:04 PM Jun 3rd from mobile we

In So Fla, just took a SHOT of some Cuban Coffee at "LA CARRETA" - IM in the MIA if ur scared then wear my sun glasses they make u invisible
2:46 PM May 31st from web



hit by a heavy Mansoon in the DIRTY DIRTY - R U Bouninn?
10:54 AM Jun 1st from web

*Bouncin10:55 AM
Jun 1st from web

*MoNSOOn10:55 AM
Jun 1st from web

lots of rain killin' my spelling
10:55 AM Jun 1st from web

DAYS are running into NIGHTS, there's NO start or beginning points, every second BECOMES the NOW, our FIRE never BURNS out - BUCKLE UP!
7:29 AM Jul 13th from web

*ending points
9:52 AM Jul 13th from mobile web

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