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We love it when the Web mag Slate writes about sports, because they always say something we've always suspected in a way that makes us feel like we're smart for understanding it. This week they look at the entirely unlovable Chicago White Sox. Best part:

If this year's team loses, it won't be held back by the Black Sox Curse but rather the Curse of Not Enough Offensive Production. That will be fine it's been pretty comfortable here in the shadow of every other loser in baseball. And if they win, there won't be some mammoth catharsis as we slough off our losing reputation. Which is fine, too: Unlike Red Sox or Cubs fans, we won't have to re-evaluate our relationship with our longtime losers. Our Sox can just go on winning. Or losing. Whatever.

Not only did that paragraph sum up White Sox fans, they pretty much summed up all our relationships. Sigh.

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