The Women's World Cup Final Totally Kicked The Royal Wedding's Ass In Tweets

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Because one would never want to rely merely on television ratings to assess the popularity of women's sports, one must do the next best thing when one is a member of a generation of navel-gazing tech addicts: use Twitter! Oh, hooray. What ever would we do without Twitter? What ever would we do without the knowledge that yesterday's Women's World Cup final between Japan and the United States broke the all-time tweets-per-second record with 7,196?

The Associated Press reports that the Twitter frenzy exceeded even the outpouring of brain farts that surrounded Willy and Kate's wedding and Osama bin Laden's death. Now there are over 4,000 really exciting news stories devoted to the subject of how Twitter-tastic the final was, as if this grand discharge of statements were an indication that women's soccer has arrived rather than proof that people can't shut the fuck up.


The final was great. It was thrilling. It was watched around the world. And now, for the most part, the women who played in it will retreat back into relative anonymity. So let's at least use some reasonable metrics, like how many times I roared at the television yesterday. The answer is six. (This post will be auto-Tweeted.)