So many male fans crying throughout the World Cup, from joy or sorrow, but it does represent how special this event is. Except this dude, who sobbed like a college girl watching "The Notebook" for the fifteenth time.

This happened at Nevada Smith's, in NYC, where we find our melodramatic hero contemplating whatmighthavebeen, had the boys just not given up that early goal. I've seen him before. I think he lives in my neighborhood, shops in my grocery stores, ambled into other bars I've frequented. This guy also gets very emotional with his buddies during weddings and over-shares about his dreams and has probably had to be escorted out of many of these situations because he makes people visibly uncomfortable. Just a hunch. I know this type.

This wretched weekend just has to end because this is no way to run a blog. So, goodnight. See you tomorrow. With pictures and fully-functional publishing systems, hopefully.


Thanks for your continued support of YouTubespin. 'Til tomorrow.