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The World Needs Lil B To Curse Lonzo Ball And The Lakers

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty

The Ball family, of Big Baller Brand shoes and the Lakers’ point-guard-of-the-future role, have a new Facebook reality show called Ball in the Family. I had no idea the Ball family ever did not have a Facebook reality show, but here we are.

At any rate, Lonzo Ball apparently was captured on this show commenting on his hip-hop preferences. From an XXL report:

During the first episode of his newly released reality TV series, Ball In The Family, Lonzo shoots down the notion of listening to “real hip-hop” as opposed to the stuff he listens to now. To make his point, he claims that people don’t listen to Nas in 2017.

“Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” Lonzo says in the clip. Eventually he follows it up by saying, “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future.”


I am not going to wade too deeply into this, except to say that there has never been a young generation that didn’t foolishly label the art of earlier generations as corny, or outdated, or bad, and that this is why all young people should be sent to the mines and not allowed to return until they have arthritic backs and an appropriate appreciation for all the things that I like.

Lonzo’s garbage hip-hop take was noticed by many, among them none other than known athlete-curser Lil B THE BASEDGOD. Lil B did not appreciate the young man’s opinion, and there may be consequences:

Remember that Lil B’s curse kept Kevin Durant from winning a championship for the first nine years of his career. There’s always 2027, Lakers fans!

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