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The World's Smartest Athletes

So let's say, hypothetically, that someone were to walk up to you right now — or, say, type something you might be happening to read on their sports blog — and say that there was a sport whose players are, consistently, across the board, not just more intelligent than other sports' players, but in fact the general population.

Even: This sport's players are so smart that their participation in that sport is a great predictor of academic success than high school grades or even SAT scores. Wouldn't you be curious about what that sport is? Wouldn't you also be a little scared?


Well, folks: That sport is ultimate frisbee. Seriously: A new study at the University of Washington claims to prove it. You might learn this information, and it might depress you. Because it kind of depressed us a little.

Fortunately, ultimate frisbee isn't really a sport. Whew.

Ultimate Frisbee Gets High Marks [Ivy Gate Blog]

(UPDATE: "You can, like, make rope with it.")

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