All worn out from sitting on your ass and buying stuff this Cyber Monday? Good. Then you can't waste time or money buying crap like this. Here are some of the worst Cyber Monday deals in sports.

Charlotte Bobcats 21'' Carry-On Bag

$107.96, $134.95 regularly

The "Bobcats" aren't even a real thing as of next year, if they even count as a "real thing" now. It only makes sense for this to exist if the franchise forces rookies to buy 41 of them, one for each road game, as part of hazing.


Reebok Buffalo Sabres 2013 Veterans Day Practice V-Neck Jersey - Digital Camo

$85, $100 regularly

Somehow, the Reebok logo is the most offensive part of this.


Jacksonville Jaguars Tree Topper

$20, regularly $25


Gameday Alabama Crimson Tide Cowboy Boots

$340, regularly $400

Someone has bought and worn and loved these, so "worst" might be more of an interpretative designation here.


Deluxe Licensed Tailgate Toss

$190, regularly $220

You can just buy a Kindle Fire or something.


Portland Trail Blazers Deluxe 16'' x 20'' Frame

$180, regularly $180

There is no discount on this shitty TrailBlazers frame, and it doesn't even come with a print.


Chicago Cubs Dale Sveum Autographed Photo

$35, regularly $35, $105 for three copies to take advantage of free ground shipping on orders over $75


The worst deal imaginable.

Image by Sam Woolley