If you watch this video, you’re going to not only see, but hear the ruination of a man’s legs. Make your choice.

Weightlifter Tommy Dolan suffered this injury over the weekend at the Irish Powerlifting Organization Nationals held in Limerick, Ireland. As he lifted the bar, both of his legs gave out with audible popping noises.

IPO President Shane Brodie gave his best to Dolan on Tuesday in a Facebook message:

Hi everyone sorry i just have gotten a chance to post any report on the nationals. So just want to post a quick message for now. Congratulations and we’ll done to you all I just what to say on behalf of the IPO committee and lifters we like to wish Tommy Dollan [sic] a speedy recovery and gets back to full health soon.

I went to visit Tommy in the hospital last night and he’s in good spirit but a lot of pain. He’s overcome by all the messages and posts of support.

Wishing Tommy the best of health and a fast recovery.

Shane Brodie

IPO President

Dolan also left a comment letting everyone know how he was doing:

Thanks very much Shane and to all the people who have messaged me. I really appreciate the support I’m getting. It can only benefit my recovery. I hope to be back benching in comps in the future. Id [sic] like to thank Shane Brodie for his professionalism and for running some of the best competitions in the country.