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As I write this, the Redskins are playing for pride and their jobs...and are struggling against Billy Volek and the Charger subs. It's time for Jim Zorn to pay the piper.

Schefter is reporting that Zorn will be out as Washington coach tomorrow. The only reason it's taking so long is that no one wants to have a press conference on a Sunday night.


For 12 fanbases, tomorrow marks the start of the real season. But for the rest of us, it's coach-firin' week! Always a thrilling and suspenseful time for coaches and their families, fans of failure, degenerate prop bettors.

Zorn's gone, which we all knew. Lovie Smith too, if the Chicago media gets their way. But will ownership cut slack to first-year coaches Raheem Morris, Todd Haley, Steve Spagnuolo and Eric Mangini? Will eight be enough for John Fox? And where will Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher end up?

This week's "organizational meetings" are teamspeak for "firing squad." Bring 'em on.

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