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Their Coach? Steve Spurrier, Of Course

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You might think that you know a great deal many facts about Kazakhstan, the home nation of one Borat Sagdiyev, but here's one we bet you didn't: They're outstanding at ice hockey. No, we mean really good at hockey.

Kazakhstan beat Thailand 52-1 to wrap up their ruthless march through the group stage of the Asian Games ice hockey tournament. A search of records indicated the game was the highest scoring match in Olympics history. Kazakhstan is currently ranked 11th in the world in the sport. Thailand is unranked.

Other tops teams have taken it easy against the amateurs from warmer countries but the pre-tournament favourites scored 17 goals in the first period, 20 in the second and eased up only slightly to score 15 in the last third of the game. The scoring was spread fairly evenly through the roster and Oleg Yeremeyev took the biggest haul with seven goals inside the first two periods as Kazakhstan added this rout to a 38-0 drubbing of the UAE.


We're not sure what would inspire a hockey team to score 52 goals in one game. We do enjoy, however, that the Kazakh goalie had a poor save percentage of 80 percent, off five shots.

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