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When people say they hate country music, this video is probably what they're thinking of: A million Midwestern clichés wrapped into a three-minute, 52-second package of lasso practice, pickup trucks in fields, guitar-playing on top of hay bales, and college kids rowboating on dry land. (Is that what they do for fun in Missouri? Put wheels under an old rowboat, rope it to the back of a truck, and just fake-paddle through a grass field?) The YouTube comments are brutal on this one, ranging from "Todd Akin thinks this video is embarrassing to missourians" to "Please kill yourselves." Remember, this is a song/video dedicated to the Mizzou football team. Never, ever forget that.


Here's some backstory from The Columbia Missourian:

The MU students behind "We Are Mizzou," a music video that went viral in early 2012, didn't anticipate the positive effect it would have on some of its viewers.

Senior Andrew Carter, 21, said after the video was released, he heard from a woman who had recently lost her husband. She said the video was a source of cheer for her children, who sang "We Are Mizzou" all over the house. At her children's request, the woman asked if Carter and his fellow video stars, junior Tanner Brandell, 21, and junior Matt Roberts, 20, could send "We Are Mizzou" T-shirts for the children to wear.

The three men didn't have material for T-shirts, but they reached out to the children through Facebook and they are now all Facebook friends.

"That's something that I wouldn't have expected to come out of it," Carter said.

Carter, Brandell and Roberts have made a second video dedicated to MU called "SEC Bound." The video was released Wednesday on YouTube. The song will be available for purchase on iTunes and is free to listen to on Spotify.

"SEC Bound" makes some changes from "We Are Mizzou." The song focuses on football instead of basketball, and the genre of music is country, not rap.

"They're complete opposites," Carter said.

And yet, there are 87 people who've "liked" this video, so if you're out there, tell us what you like about this. And you've got suggestions for how this video could've been saved, have a go at it in the comments.


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