It turns out that with some spare time and trial and error, you can find some drafts (or posts marked for deletion?) on Grantland. By altering one number at a time in the seven-digit page URL—I stuck to fooling around with the last three—one can discover a bunch of headlines floating around Grantland's draft space. Call it @Grantland_ebooks. Here are some of the ones we unearthed:

"Most underrated coaches of 2012"

"Rear Wheel"

"Upcoming chat: Von Miller"

"The Word: All in Fun"

"Front End"

"That's Great News"


"Can Youk Do It?"

"Is Tom Watson key to Ryder Cup success?"

"Lucas Erlebach"

"WolverineNation roundtable"

"Nate Adams"

"More Of The Same"

"Kelly Slater"