There Goes The Greatest Halloween Costume That Ever Lived

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The Halloween bar has been set for 2009 and let's face it—you probably aren't going to raise it any higher. Are you willing to encase your real head inside a fake bloody stump of a neck, then drink through a straw all night while stumbling around without peripheral vision? Are you also willing to wear your Halloween costume in public on October 17? Then you probably aren't dedicated enough to create a trick-or-treat outfit more elaborate than this. Unless you want to be the guy swinging the wrench.


So it looks like your costume for the 17th consecutive year: Hobo ghost. Sorry, about that.


[Original photo and more pictures at Unathletic Mag]

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TUESDAY! By the way, StubHub apologized for taunting every single Major League Baseball fan with the offer of playoff tickets for their horrible teams that could never win a championship as long as Jim Leyland is manager. (That's what my email said anyway.) What a responsible corporation.

So let's get to it.