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There Has Been A Dick Vitale Fathead For Years

I don't know how I missed this when it was initially announced, but there has been a (talking!) Dick Vitale Fathead for more than three years.

It's true, it's right there in Duke and Carolina blue. Earlier today Vitale retweeted an account (with five followers and three tweets) that claimed this Fathead is outselling Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow Fatheads.


But looking at the views offered by the website, it's easy to see how that might be true. One shows your hypothetical workout room with an enthusiastic Dickie V. watching over you and another view shows your hypothetical living room with an enthusiastic Dickie V. watching over you.

There are also classic Vitale sayings available, like "SLAM, BAM, JAM!!" and the always living-room appropriate "GET A T.O. BABY."


This has been your three-years-late-to-the-Dick-Vitale-Fathead-party update.

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