There Is Nothing CNN Can’t Fuck Up

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By now, you know the saga of the Trump CNN tweet: a clumsy wrestling .gif the president sent out (with no hat tip!) that triggered the usual round of establishment tut-tutting and, at first, promised to be yet another disposable Trump mini-scandal that occupied everyone for two minutes before moving on to the NEXT sign of impending Armageddon.

But then CNN went and found the Redditor troll responsible for it, who subsequently apologized. That probably would have been the end of it had the network not bizarrely (and publicly) stated that they reserved the right to doxx that troll should his apology prove insincere, and then later stated that what they said wasn’t what they meant. All of this triggered a #CNNBlackmail hashtag that is now A Thing, proving that CNN could botch a slam dunk if you gave them a six-foot rim and a fucking trampoline, and that ongoing futility is the subject of this week’s Deadcast. 


But wait! We’ve got more! Marchman and I also yap about FS1, Gordon Hayward, the shittiness of the Beach Boys, AND we answer your Funbag questions about baseball, free tickets, traveling, and more. Set your ears to STUN:

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