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NASHVILLE! MUSIC CITY! THE ATHENS OF THE SOUTH! HOTCHICKENTOWN! VANDYLAND! CUTLERVILLE! Y’ALLBANY! Nashville, we have never visited your fair city, but that shit is about to change, because we’re gonna do a live show and football watch party down there on November 5th! YEEEEEEEEEEHAW! YEE TO THE HAW! HAW TO THE YEE! SWEET HONEY ON A BISCUIT THAT IS A FUCKING HUCKLEBERRY!

Here are the honky tonkin’ details: We’ll be at Headquarters Beercade (114 2nd Ave. South) the night of November 5th. Tickets are just $15 and you get a free drink. The doors to the bar open at 5:30, we’ll tape a live Deadcast at 6:15, and then we’ll all hang out and get loaded and play pinball and watch the Monday night game starting at 7:15. You can buy tickets right here, and you should because you’re gonna want to be good and hung over for Election Day, and we’re just the people to help you out on that end.

So come on over. Bring your steel guitar. Bring your cowboys and your cowgirls. Bring your bridesmaids, too! IT’S A PODCASTIN’ HOOTENANNY SMOTHERED IN BEEF GRAVY YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!

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