As you may have heard, tonight there's this little thing on the pay-per-views called UFC 91, an event that will feature many large-muscled men beating the snot out of other large-muscled men while lesser-muscled men cheer them on. The event begins at 9:30pm EST and will culminate in Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture coming together for some hot man-on-man action. Evidently, it's a big deal. So let's take a tour of the blogs and give you a little preview of tonight's action. • Bloody Elbow has in-depth staff predictions for every match of the event. • MMA Mania has the salary information for what Couture and Lesnar are taking home for allowing themselves to be beat into a pulp. • Yahoo's MMA Experts Blog points out that everyone, including your grandma, is betting on Brock Lesnar, meaning you should bet on Couture. Or something like that. Sports odds are confusing. • MMA Junkie says that Randy Couture is as relaxed as ever, which most likely means he just got through with some vigorous masturbation. • But the quote of the day goes to the awesomely-named Mac Danzig over at Sherdog, who prognosticates the outcome of the match:

I think Randy wins this fight with experience and overall ability. It seems like Lesnar’s best chance of winning is if he can hold someone [down] for three rounds like he did to [Heath] Herring. I don’t think he can do that to Randy. Plus, he has a giant penis tattooed on his chest, which can’t be helpful.

Keep it safe out there, everyone. Unless you're Brock Lesnar or Randy Couture, that is.