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There's Never A Bad Time To Enjoy Some Vintage Shaq Highlights

For no particular reason, let’s take a moment to gawk at some of Shaquille O’Neal’s best highlights.

My favorite Shaq plays are the ones in which he decides to lead a one-man fast break, as in the first play of the video above. I always knew Shaq was the most physically dominant player in the NBA when he was playing, but never was that fact more crystal clear than when he was going coast-to-coast for a dunk.

Here’s another great example:

That guy is over seven feet tall and weighs more than 300 pounds! Okay, another one:

Give me more!

How about a high school version!

One more!

Christ, that was fun.

Anyway, here are whole bunch more Shaq highlights. Just spend the rest of the day watching them and remembering how Shaq basically broke basketball.

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