There's No Bad Idea Like A Sports Bad Idea

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It is a harsh truth, but an undeniable one: If it weren’t for bad ideas, we would not have anything to talk about on the Deadcast. In point of fact, if it were not for bad ideas the Deadcast itself would not even exist. But while our world is currently much worse off for all the bad ideas that currently hold sway in it, whether that bad idea be home runs as rally-killers or government as one of those grab-all-the-windblown-cash-you-can booths, the world is also finally just what it is. It’s made of people and the places and things they make, and so it has always been subject to and maybe even defined by people’s bad ideas.

And yet also it feels, at this moment, like it’s maybe somehow more that way. People are wrong in ways never before imagined, and with remarkable intensity. This is not to say that Drew or I, both avowed dumbasses, are necessarily right in our assessments of those bad ideas. It is just to say that, every week, our insanely stupid moment here on earth gives us plenty to talk about. And that was how it went this week, when we touched on Bad Sports Ideas—as far as I know, this week’s episode marks the Deadcast debut of the phrase “the most dangerous lead in hockey”—and bad NFL teams and bad local advertising. There are bad Trump imitations, but there are always bad Trump imitations.

There’s more, of course. Your questions, your refracted team-related NFL suffering, the universal experience of people treating Las Vegas like a gas station bathroom, a fresh batch of Gruden slander, and a truly chilling Trump Question Of The Week. As long as things stay stupid, we’ll always have something to talk about.


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