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There's No Going Back For Urban Meyer

Yesterday, Meyer apologized to the reporter who he confronted on Wednesday. Both say the meeting was productive and they're ready to move on. So it's all in the past now, right? Not so fast.

By now you've seen the video. Meyer all up in a reporter's face, chewing him out for a quote that Meyer maintains was taken out of context, and used to make Deonte Thompson and Tim Tebow look bad. But Meyer and Jeremy Fowler had a good 20-minute chat at practice yesterday, and seem ready to move on and continue their working relationship.


We've still got problems with what happened, and, honestly Urban? We've got your best interests in mind.

It's not so much that you were necessarily wrong. Lord knows there's plenty of people out there thrilled with what you did. A number of Gators players applauded your sticking up for one of their own. A fellow reporter who got the same Thompson quotes Monday, and witnessed Meyer's blowup on Wednesday, wrote us to call what Fowler did "full of shit," and that he has a history of playing "gotcha" with selective quotes.

And, even if we're not willing to go so far as to say he deserved a dressing down, no one thinks you weren't just sticking up for your players. As a coach, that's admirable, and one of the reasons they love playing for you.

But Urban, you can't pull that shit in public.

Calling out a reporter for something he's written is your god-given right as a public figure, and as a human being. But keep it in-house. Talk to him, talk to his boss, or even have your boss make the phone call. Because publicly going after the media is a futile gesture, and one that'll never end with you looking good.


Even if you're completely in the right, there are those who will leap to the defense of the publicly humiliated writer. You come off looking like a jerk, and the writer's colleagues will reflexively take his side. And he'll start believing that the whole thing was due to your temper, and not his own reporting.

And you? You'll just end up as part of a Coors Light commercial or the next Press Hop. We remember Mike Gundy looking like a crazy person — "I'm a man! I'm 40! Come after me!" — a lot better than we remember what that reporter wrote about his players.


Confront reporters, but do so in your office. You'll eventually calm down, it'll be like nothing ever happened. But do it in public, and it's just begging for the the public to seize on it based of their preexisting opinions of you. So while Urban Meyer and Jeremy Fowler might have moved on from this, YouTube's going to make sure that outburst lives forever.

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