Barry Bonds may be gone, but as penance for profiting over his steroid-soaked home run record chase, I think the Giants should have to dump Lou Seal and adopt a new mascot. Meet Petey P. Cup, who not only charms young and old with his playful urine-related antics, but serves as a sober reminder of baseball's unwillingness to face its issues with performance enhancing drugs. Careful kids, you don't want to tip Petey over! (Trust me).

Actually, Petey is part of a new marketing campaign for a Minnesota-based health care company called HeathPartners, who refer to him as "a friendly, light-hearted character that creates a buzz wherever he goes." I'm glad ... I would hate to encounter a bitter, pissed off walking urine cup.

Petey P. Cup even has a Facebook profile, which says he enjoys watching "Grey's Anatomy," listening to Coldplay and assisting with urinalysis, drug testing and pregnancy tests. Just six friends so far, though.

OK, you got me. It's really Jose Canseco in the costume.

HealthPartners Unveils Offbeat Ad Mascot [, via Dave Barry Blog]