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These Archery Outfits Are Dope

Photo credit: Alessandra Tarantino/AP Images

In some Olympic sports, the competitors are clad in nothing but little tiny swimsuits. In some, they are covered head-to-toe in protective gear. There’s a wide spectrum of outfits, from cycling’s skintight spandex to boxing’s obtrusive headgear, but one group of athletes stands above all challengers. I’m talking, of course, about the bucket hat-wearing chillers of archery.

As this video explains, the bucket hat is so popular because it offers sun protection, while also remaining small enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the bowstring. Also, anecdotally speaking, they look whimsical as hell, especially when combined with a triangular half vest guard and loose workout clothes. I am 100 percent here for a sport where the competitors dress like competitive bass fisherman on an off day, or like tourists who want to dress for a day of walking between museums.

Australian archer Ryan Tyack; Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
The Aussies celebrate winning bronze, but mostly being able to go to the beach now; Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
Chinese Taipei shows off the variance with bucket hat family; Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
The South Korean squad all matched; Photo Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
Aida Roman of Mexico shows off the coolest hat of the weekend; Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Archery is a good sport.

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