The 141st Westminster Dog Show is happening right now. During the day, nearly 3,000 dogs representing over 200 breeds are narrowed down to a single best of each breed. Last night, the top dog from the hound, toy, non-sporting, and herding groups went head to head. Tonight, sporting, working, and terrier groups will compete before the seven most genetically non-anomalous dogs run slowish in a circle until one is named Best in Show. It’s all very silly. But look, doggies!

We took some video and photos backstage in the early rounds of the breed-specific competition:

We were way wrong about Preston the Puli, who was predicted to be best in show—none of the other Pulis even showed up to challenge him—but lost out in the Herding division to a German Shepherd named Rumor, who’s honestly kind of a bitch.

The pumi is one of the three new-to-Westminster breeds.

Obviously, I was a fan.

The American hairless terrier is another new breed this year. They feel like warm peaches.

This rug is actually something called a Black Russian. Her owner told me they’re bred to kill.

Do we even have to ask who’s a good boy?