Wanna watch something exciting and unusual that happened on the ice during an NHL game? Watch this video! But wanna watch some hockey? Well, then don't watch this video.

Sabres "winger" Patrick Kaleta gathered speed and hit the Maple Leafs' Cody Franson, who had essentially concluded his role in the play. Mark Fraser decided to retaliate and avenge Franson with a forceful cross-check. Kaleta knocked the net off its moorings and stopped the play. All clear? Not quite. Colton Orr showed up, as did Frazer McLaren, as did John Scott. The puck dropped. And then all this happened. When play resumed, the refs had handed out 44 penalty minutes, 29 of which went to Colton Orr. (Our friends at Eye on Hockey note that Orr's day was quite an impressive feat.) Funny enough, an actual hockey game broke out after the fights: Buffalo won 5-4, by shootout.