These Were Your Favorite Videos Of 2015, And A Lot Of Them Are NSFW

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Finish up your work week by browsing the 16 most popular videos on Deadspin in 2015. As in years past, videos that are Not Safe For Work dominate the list. What a contradiction!

This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend (1,273,172 views)

Barefoot and frightened, Nicole Holder walked as fast as she could through the darkness, and the moment she saw the cops she ran. She headed west on Fifth Street toward North Church, away from the Charlotte., N.C., apartment of Greg Hardy, a star defensive end then with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Minutes earlier he had, she said, thrown her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her until she told him to “kill me so I don’t have to.”


Fight Between Bad Softball Dads Ends In Blood [Update] (496,302 views)

We don’t really have much context for this video. According to the person who sent it to us, it took place before or after a girl’s softball game in Maryland, and the pre-fight argument seems to have something to do with one man’s daughter being kicked off the team. Anyway, these are very bad dads! (The punching starts about 1:00 in.)

This Kid Gets What Sports Are All About (427,762 views)

Reader Tim sent us this video of a young boy playing basketball with the same enthusiasm that James Harden brings to the defensive end. Tim tells us that this youngster may actually not be all that keen on being out on the court, and we can buy it; when it comes to shuffling aimlessly, no one does it better than No. 1, who’s just a few years off from being a cool teen.

Hey, Look: It’s LeBron’s Dick! (NSFW, Probably) (420,394 views)

It sure appears ABC caught LeBron James making an adjustment just before tipoff of tonight’s Game 4:

Deez Nuts: The Day Every Local News Station Got BOFA’d (258,375 views)

The news about North Carolinians’ thirst for Deez Nuts forced local news operations across the country to cover the story of everyone’s favorite fake presidential candidate. So here’s a supercut of baffled TV anchors saying “Deez Nuts.”


Leicester City Stars Film “Depraved” Orgy Featuring Racial Slurs [NSFW] (244,682 views)

Leicester City players James Pearson, Tom Hopper, and Adam Smith are under fire after video of a strange orgy during the team’s recent end-of-season trip to Thailand has made its way public.


Rodeo Enthusiasts Enjoy Rodeo [NSFW] (212,898 views)

The Calgary Stampede is a massive rodeo/festival/shitshow which takes over the city every year. As seen in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, an unofficial side event featured a woman and two men vigorously going to town in what appears to be an alley.


CNN’s Poppy Harlow Passes Out Live On-Air (210,884 views)

Poppy Harlow’s Monday isn’t going so well; the CNN anchor passed out live on the air, returning after several minutes with the explanation that “I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment”:

High School Football Players Target, Light Up Poor Official [UPDATE] (201,094 views)

Marble Falls (Tex.) beat San Antonio John Jay 15-9 Friday night, and the above video is purportedly from that game. We have no other context to it, other than the title which alleges the umpire was targeted by John Jay players “because of a bad call.”


NFL Network Airs Several Nude Bengals Players [NSFW] (167,490 views)

Albert Breer’s NFL Network interview with Adam Jones after the Bengals’ win over Buffalo today was... interesting.


Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison On Frank Kaminsky: “Fuck That Nigga” (160,920 views)

Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison is not a particularly big fan of Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky, and expressed that fact on a more-sensitive-than-he-thought mic during the postgame press conference. The full thought sounds like “Fuck that nigga, oh my god” to me.


Soccer Player Cut From Team After Being Filmed Boning Fan In The Dugout [Update: Now With Video] (156,820 views)

The man you see above, hands at 1 and 8, eyes rolled back in coital bliss, is Jay Hart of English semi-pro soccer team Clitheroe. Formerly of Clitheroe, more accurately, since he was cut from the team after video of him and the fan you see above bumping uglies in the opposing team’s dugout after a match went public.


Kanye Invades Stage Again In Beyoncé’s Honor; Watch Her Reaction (154,287 views)

A strangely self-aware Kanye West rushed the stage tonight after the announcement of Beck’s win over Beyoncé in the Best Album category, a replay of the 2009 VMAs when the rap artist interrupted Taylor Swift with “I’mma let you finish.”


Stupid Nike Uniforms Wreaking Havoc On Colorblind NFL Fans (144,915 views)

Nike introduced some stupid new uniforms for tonight’s Bills-Jets game, and the color-on-color combination is especially bad for people with colorblindness, who are taking to Twitter to let the NFL know their displeasure.


Listen To All Five U.S. Goals As Called By Telemundo’s Andrés Cantor (144,754 views)

While Fox’s J.P. Dellacamera did an adequate job calling today’s Women’s World Cup final, an even more legendary soccer broadcaster called the match elsewhere on U.S. television: Andrés ¡GOOOOOL! Cantor, on Telemundo.


Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball Away From Old Lady (121,847 views)

We’ve been over the ethics of who deserves baseballs that make their way off the field of play before (consult this flowchart) and so we feel it necessary to illustrate this incident from yesterday’s Diamondbacks-Phillies game, in which a Phillyfan pushes aside an elderly woman to grab Maikel Franco’s first career home run ball.


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